The focus of our business is on:

  • Working with small and medium sized enterprise owners (and their existing Professional Advisors)
  • Maximising exit values if working on behalf of Sellers
  • Achieving successful acquisitions if acting on behalf of Buyers
  • Swiss domiciled targets. Furthermore we are based in Central Switzerland
  • We will work on selected non-Swiss domiciled targets and have done so as far afield as Japan and Brazil

We have:

  • An insider’s view of issues faced by an owner selling a business (the pitfalls, the highs and the lows of deal making, the dos and not-to-dos)
  • Founded and run businesses ourselves
  • Bought and sold companies across a wide range of differing sectors and sizes

We personally:

  • Understand the pressures on ensuring a successful sale or acquisition for the Principals involved
  • Know what is necessary to achieve a successful acquisition or disposal

We are registered:

  • Register of Commerce – Kanton Luzern, Switzerland – No. CH-100.1.794-792-4