Disposal service

Disposal service

Our typical sales (disposal) project management service is as outlined below:

Determining the business to be divested and the best structure.

Ascertaining a sale value (of the complete business or new shares if raising Equity finance) using a variety of techniques to derive an accurate valuation (experience, skills and judgment).

Developing a tailored transaction process to your needs, including a timetable.

Creating a competitive environment to Maximise Sales Value by identifying and contacting as many potential and suitable purchasers, with a summary of the opportunity without exposing your identity. Developing a clear and concise marketing message.

Carefully vetting all interested parties and releasing detailed information to suitable parties with your approval. Identifying buyers that would benefit from the business to be divested, given their capabilities and fit with the target. Identifying and accessing the key decision-makers of the potential buyer.

Our process of identification of potential buyers of your business is both active and passive:

  • Active: Agreeing on a list with you and then approaching those parties to gauge interest. If interested and once such a party has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, a pack of information is sent to them
  • Passive: Placing a broad description of your business on our website (no business name identifiers mentioned). Further information can be obtained once a user has fully registered their details. Once you have agreed that the interested party may receive further details and such a party has signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, a pack of information is sent to them

Negotiating the optimum sales value by coaching you to ensure the maximum benefit is reaped from each meeting, providing expert advice in areas such as negotiation, arbitration, dispute resolution and tax planning.

Driving the transaction through to completion working with all parties involved (Purchasers, Treuhands, Bankers, Lawyers, Auditors, Accountants, Tax Advisors etc) using our experience and expertise to ensure optimum sales value on the day of deal completion.

Managing other transaction’s advisers to limit management distraction.

Maintaining the virtual data-bank and due diligence.

Closing the deal.

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