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Mailshot – Dec 5th 2012

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We at Swiss Mergers and Acquisitions have a proven track record in successfully buying and selling companies across a wide range of differing sectors and sizes. We have founded businesses ourselves so we know the pressures on owners when it comes to sell a business. Whether you have clients who are a small family-run business, an International company or company adviser, we are always interested in discussing their M and A needs.

Questions to ask when acquiring a business

The following questions should be a pre-requisite to every acquisition – questions to ask before and after acquiring a business:

  • Staff:

  • – What motivates them?
    – What ideas for improvement do they have?
    – What training would be appropriate to improve productivity?
    – What decision could be made right now, to make their jobs easier?

  • Customers:

  • – Why do our current customers use us?
    – Can we offer anything extra to them?
    – Can/should our prices be raised?

  • Operations:

  • – What is the least efficient process in the company?
    – How effective are the IT systems

  • Marketing:

  • – Does the company have an effective web presence?
    – What advantage do they have over competitors?
    – What opportunity are they under exploiting?
    – Have they a clear market niche?
    – Are they focused?
    – Should they move away from certain types of customer?
    – What free advertising resources can we take advantage of?
    – Are there any synergistic partnerships we could make?

  • Finance:

  • – How can cash flow be improved?
    – Should I consider factoring?
    – Where are they wasting money?

  • See our guide on HANDLING NEGOTIATIONS, TAX AND DEAL STRUCTURES: © Handling negotiations, tax and deal structures
  • If you have any clients who are thinking of acquiring a business or are in the process of buying a business, please email julian.foulger@swissmanda.com
    or telephone +41 (0) 41 360 26 78 or mobile +41 (0) 79 845 28 53 for a confidential discussion.


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