Value Enhancement Service

Value Enhancement Service

Some of the value driver areas that drive valuation are listed below – We will work with you to enhance the value of your business before commencing any business sale.


Prior to commencing the sale we can review all of the areas above with management and make an assessment as to whether improvements can be made in a given time. To identify the Value Drivers on which to focus, we address two key questions:

  • Which factors will have the most significant impact on the future value of the business?
  • Which of those factors can be most effectively managed?

Sometimes it is better to delay a sale for 12 to 18 months to maximise sale value.

Remember – Buyers pay for the past, but buy for the future.

If you are considering selling your business within a shorter time frame, focus with us on the factors that will yield the greatest impact over that shorter term.

The look of success on adding value – never a straight path in reality

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