Simply we advise and help business owners and management buy and sell businesses.

We are a specialist mergers and acquisitions firm based in Switzerland:

  • Focused on the sale, purchase and merger of Switzerland-based businesses (i.e The target is Switzerland domiciled)
  • We will work on selected non-Swiss domiciled targets and have done so as far afield as Japan and Brazil
  • Focused on small and medium-sized businesses in any sector
  • Working with company owners to create and deliver successful outcomes in commercial business sales, mergers and acquisitions
  • Whether you are a small family-run business or an international company, we are always interested in discussing your needs
  • We build our services around your needs, not ours
  • We only accept mandates where we believe we can deliver a successful outcome

Our service allows you to focus on running your business whilst we offer in the area of business sales, mergers and acquisitions:

  • Understanding from an insider’s prospective
  • Best advice
  • Confidential and discrete
  • Personal service and a tailored approach to your needs
  • We work with your existing trusted advisors (Treuhands, Bankers, Lawyers, Auditors, Tax Accountants and other Advisors)
  • Key business intelligence
  • Deal creation and optimum outcome
  • Leadership, innovation and delivery
  • Expertise and added value
  • Our mother-tongue is English. This is in international transactions a big advantage to you the client</li
  • Time savings

In Switzerland alone we have full details of 549,000 Businesses, 4,700 Lawyers, 3,700 Fiduciaries and 5,200 Financial Advisors to help us identify Buyers and Sellers with further database information on potentially interested Buyers inside and outside Switzerland.

Contact us in confidence.

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